Compost is more than just throwing biomass in the corner and letting it rot. With a few easy tweaks everyone can produce high-quality compost rich in nutrients and microbial life – all you need to Save Our Soils.

Soil & More Intl. has agreed to share some of the training materials with us. These documents comprise the know-how and experience of 7 years of global compost making and we hope you will find it equally as useful as many farmers already all over the globe.

Soil & More Intl. trains farmers in producing three forms of compost:

Compost Starter

– with very high microbial activity. Perfectly suited to inoculate new compost heaps and increase the composting process and microbial diversity. A poster to print out and share can be found here Poster-Compost-Starter  or in text format here Compost-Starter


Solid Compost

– a fantastic soil conditioner and long-term nutrient provider. Find the poster here Poster_Composting and the text format here 1-Pager_Composting


Compost Tea

– a liquid form of compost in which the microbes have been activated. Brilliant fertilizer or innoculant for new compost heaps. The text version can be found here 1-Pager_Compost-Tea and the poster here Poster_Compost-Tea


Support Our Work

We hope you find these documents & materials useful and that you make as much compost as you can. We would love to see pictures of your approaches. Please send them to contact@saveoursoilsfund.org and as always – feel free to donate here.