Proving the support of local microorganisms in soil

The team of the Save Our Soils Fund was active in North Sumatra and assessed the impact of organic fertilizers enriched with local microorganisms (MOL-technique) on soil fertility. You can find our Project Paper here.

The team visited 9 smallholder coffee farmers in North Sumatra which are strongly supported by our partners Progreso foundation, the Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC). Thereby, the soil was sampled and partners and farmers were trained to sample by themselves.
The soil was analyzed in the laboratory and soil erosion was estimated with the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation.

The results showed that after several months MOL-enriched organic fertilizers are a good start – the trial fields show more humus and exchangeable actions. But there are still nutrient deficiencies, because the fertilization rate was relatively low at some fields.
It was shown how to overcome these deficiencies and soil erosion through increased MOL application, mulching, legume catch and cover crops, etc.

You can find our Project Paper heresumatra2