Progreso Program Supports Development of Organic Precision Farming Approach!

The Progreso Program has generously supported the Save Our Soil Fund from the very beginning. Now, with the help of our friends at Soil & More Intl. developed and tested a new approach called ‘Organic Precision Farming’.

We apply scientifically robust soil sampling schemes to identify the status quo of the soil on a given farm. during our field visit we also estimate soil erosion levels. This helps us quantify the amount of nutrient loss due to soil erosion. We then benchmark this information with the crops’ soil requirements and help farmers develop strategies to achieve the optimal organic fertilisation scheme for their crops! This helps farmers build resilient farming systems, brighter futures and contributes to saving our soils!

Reports of Trial Projects in Africa & Asia Are Now Available!

The development of this approach started in October 2014 in Uganda. The initial project highlighted the potential of this work, so that Progreso decided to fund two additional pilots in Indonesia and in Ghana.

Now, the reports from these projects are available! You can download them here. There is a full version and a short version for each report.

Full report Progreso 2015 Indonesia

Short report Progreso 2015 Indonesia

Full report Progreso 2015 Ghana

Short report Progreso 2015 Ghana

Further Roll-Out Planned!

We are currently working to further roll-out this approach by engaging in similar projects all over the world – from Honduras to Malawi. We hope to contribute to making a more targeted organic fertilisation regime accessible to farmers worldwide.

As always, we are looking for your support to bring this to scale and we would be happy to hear from you.

You can also donate and support this important work directly!

Thank you from everyone at the Save Our Soils Fund.