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Progreso_logoProgreso is a Dutch organisation based in Amsterdam but with a global reach. The focus of their work is to help coffee and cocoa farmers worldwide achieve sustainable development practices.

They have been providing assistance in access to finance and markets as well as technical assistance & diversification since 2001. More than 70 farmer organisations have since benefited from this collaboration.
Strengthening of the capacities at producer level is key to the success of the program. For example: training on pre- and post-harvest activities (production, collection, organic fertilization, maintenance, processing), organic agriculture, implementation of certification requirements and quality management aspects are spread across the entire network.

One core element is the exchange of experiences and learnings: Progreso aimsat sharing the producers’ knowledge and experience. In order to achieve this a strategic alliance has been established – the Progreso Network. It provides a virtual platform to build a learning community and the Save Our Soils Fund will benefit greatly from this work.

Nature & More

AfdrukkenNature & More was created in response to consumer demand for healthy, organic and fairly traded food. Their aim is to communicate the commitment and effort that individual growers make towards the planet and its people. In this way they hope to empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Nature & More is an international company based in the Netherlands, representing thousands of organic, biodynamic and fair trade growers around the world. They believe that ecology and economy can go hand in hand, so that sustainability becomes a part of everyday life. Meet us here.
Each Nature & More grower has a personal Sustainability Flower. This “power flower” is our model to evaluate and communicate the sustainability achievements of our organic growers. The six flower petals deal with ecology: soil, water, air, plants, animals and energy. The heart of the flower is about social aspects: freedom, justice and solidarity. The flower points the way to a greener economy: an economy that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

The Sustainability Flower is managed and maintained by the Soil & More Foundation.
Nature & More is committed to bringing the topic of soil fertility onto the agenda of the political and economic discourse.
The Save our Soils campaign is managed and run by Nature & More.
Most recently the campaign – normally known for guerilla gardening activities and its host of famous, thought-leader supporters – organized the Celebrating Soil – Celebrating Life conference in Amsterdam and recruited Julia Roberts as a soildier and soilmate.


We wanted to pursue a business model that helps us stay well within the boundaries of what our planet can support

– Ulrich Walter – organic agriculture pioneer and CEO of Lebensbaum

Creating the synthesis between the green core business and the quality the market expects has been in the DNA of the company since the early beginnings. Proof that sustainability is part of the business model can be seen in the many awards and nominations Lebensbaum received over the years.

Lebensbaum specializes in tea, coffee and spices in bio-dynamic, organic and Fairtrade qualities and has been a supporter of soil fertility projects for a very long time.
The Save Our Soils Fund was granted access to soil fertility data sets of the Finca Irlanda in Mexico – a biodynamic Finca, which supplies Lebensbaum. The Soil & More Foundation was contracted to assess these data sets, develop further recommendations and make them available to the broader public via the resources section on this website.

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ambootia_logo_1With Nature – the motto of Ambootia’s operations in India is reflected in everything they do. Be it from reviving the ailing tea gardens of Darjeeling to providing free education for children of estate workers. Being at one and a part of Nature is the key to Ambootia’s success.

Their flagship tea garden ‘Ambootia’ – the first one to be converted from conventional to bio-dynamic – was selected by FAO as a model farm for organic, bio-dynamic farming system.
Certifications against several organic, health & safety, bio-dynamic as well as Fairtrade standards showcase the commitment to long-term, sustainable development.

Soil health has always been at the core of Ambootia since the very first conventional tea garden was converted into a bio-dynamic, living organism and prosperity has since returned.
By now, more than 10 tea gardens have been converted and several thousands of hectares of soil have been saved by rigidly applying bio-dynamic practices and enhanced composting procedures with the support of Soil & More Foundation.
Ambootia has committed to supporting the Save Our Soils Fund substantially over the next few years with financial contributions as well as by sharing their experiences and insights to help further sustainable soil management practices on a global scale.


Juchowo_logoThe community project ‘Juchowo’ is located in the beautiful Polish countryside east of Stettin.
They are particularly known for their state of the art dairy practices hay milk, high quality cereals and the social and cultural projects and activities with e.g. handicapped people from the nearby villages. None of this would have been possible without a continuous investment into soil fertility.

The idea of a community project with agriculture at its heart is deeply rooted in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and it is in this spirit that this project continues to evolve.
Juchowo spreads across 1.900 ha of which 1.600 are under bio-dynamic management. This land is the core around which social projects with school children or handicapped people are running; around which research into zero tillage and compost practice optimization are carried out and around which eco-systems are protected and restored.
The soil is the key to all of these achievements and this is why Juchowo is supporting the Save our Soils Fund wholeheartedly.

Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft

zukunftsstiftung landwirtschaft_logoZukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft has been supporting organic and bio-dynamic agriculture in Germany for many years now. While key focus is the conservation of seeds, healthy soils have always been on the agenda. Especially in the UN year of the Soil though, it was decided to take this engagement to the next level and support the development of pragmatic soil conservation training materials through the Save Our Soils Fund.


logo_gls_bankGLS is Germany’s leading green bank and supports organic agriculture by providing loans and support to willing ‘young organics’ – young farmers who want to convert conventional agricultural land into organic. GLS therefore has tremendous interest that soil conservation knowledge is made available to their clients and supports the Save Our Soils Fund enthusiastically.


TRIODOS_smallTriodos is a leading international green bank with a keen interest in supporting sustainable development. Providing loans to willing organic pioneers – both young and more senior – is core business of the organisation. Which is why the decision to substantially support the Save Our Soils fund was made. It was clearly recognized that we need pragmatic knowledge easily accessible to farmers to truly Save Our Soils on a global scale.

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