Sanjay Bansal, Ambootia
Sanjay BansalIn the fast moving and developing organic market we easily forget about one of the most important ingredients: soil. Specifically in the steep tea gardens, soil organic matter and soil structure is of utmost importance. Not caring about it has fatal consequences. Many hectares of tea are lost every year due to erosion – a result of poor soil structure and over fertilization.
We urgently need the Save our Soil Fund to make available practical experience and knowledge for the small farmers in Darjeeling and the rest of India. Congratulations to the launch and you have our full support.

Sebastiann Huisman, Juchowo
Sebastiann HuismanJuchowo is known for its state of the art dairy practices, hey milk, hiqh quality cereals and its social and cultural projects and activities with e.g. handicapped people from the nearby villages. None of this would have been possible without a continuous investment in soil fertility. Good soil is lost within seconds but to build soil fertility takes a lot of time, resources and investment. Farmers actually do all this not only for their farms but for the society but this service isn’t paid for or rewarded.
I very much appreciate and fully support the Save our Soils Fund as one of its aims is to assess and publish the economic, monetary value of those additional services sustainably managed farms provide to society and which should be rewarded.

Volkert Engelsmann, Nature & More / Eosta
Volkert-EngelsmannAs a result of industrial farming we are losing fertile topsoil at an alarming rate. At the same time numerous farmers & growers deliver proof of sustainable alternatives.
Their expertise and experience deserve to be shared with as many other farmers and growers as possible! The Save our Soils Fund serves as a center of excellence connecting people, knowledge and best practices from around the globe.

Angel Mario, Progreso
Angel Mario‘For us at Progreso, soil health has always been a key priority. We work with over 55 coffee and cocoa cooperatives all over the world and we have seen the impacts of healthy soils on the development potential of entire communities.
This is why we started several composting and Mountain Microbe projects and have recently embarked on a framework project with Soil & More to help farmers develop targeted organic fertilization regimes and to measure the impact of natural fertilizers on the development of communities.

Helmy Abouleish, Sekem
helmy abouleishSince the start of the SEKEM initiative in 1977, soil was one of our key concerns. How to not only maintain but build soil fertility was and still is the basis for sustainable development of agriculture in an arid country like Egypt.
Although we use and research on compost and compost tea over 38 years now, there is still a lot to learn, specifically practical solutions for the day to day agricultural work. SEKEM is happy that the Save our Soils Fund was created to facilitate an practical experience based exchange among farmers. We will be more than happy to share our learnings and are eager to learn more from all our Soil Mates and the Soildiers worldwide.