Progreso Posted June 25, 2015


Soil and More Intl. and Progreso Foundation have a strong history of collaboration on topics of soil fertility and now have decided to extend this partnership for the benefits of smallholder coffee & cocoa producers worldwide.

Based on a joint soil fertility project with coffee producers in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda Soil and More Intl. and Progreso have identified several project modules, which can and will be copied to other areas of the globe, starting with coffee and cocoa farmers in Ghana and Indonesia.

  • Soil Sampling & Fertility Assessment
  • The soil sampling and fertility assessment is the baseline study to determine the status quo of the different soils available to the organisations farmers. Soil and More Intl. experts – together with local extension staff – will design and implement a scientifically robust soil sampling scheme, which informs the farmersabout available nutrients, soil organic matter content as well as other important soil fertility aspects.

  • Soil Erosion & Prevention Measures Assessment
  • Based on the on-site soil assessment wewill determine the specific soil erosion rate per plot of land. With this information, we can identify the total loss of soil fertility due to erosion, add an economic value to this loss and suggest measures to reduce erosion.

  • Benchmarking Nutrient Availability & Plant Requirements
  • Soil & More Intl. will use the soil fertility assessment to benchmark the nutrient availability and requirements for the respective crop.

  • Targeted Organic Fertilization Strategy Development
  • Based on the previous steps, Soil and More Intl. will develop a strategy to match nutrient requirement with availability through implementation of targeted, organic fertilization techniques, such as composting, compost tea and the increased use of local microbes (mountain microbes). Soil and More Intl. will gather information about the available biomass to produce organic fertilizer on farm level.

  • Compost, Compost Tea & Mountain Microbe Training Session
  • Soil and More Intl. will provide training sessions based on the above developed strategy in order to empower farmers to produce their own organic fertilizer to meet plant requirements without external inputs thus increasing soil health and reducing costs.

  • Comprehensive Impact Assessment & Monitoring
  • Soil and More Intl. will use the Sustainability Flower to conduct a meaningful impact assessment and monitoring on a socio-economic as well as an environmental level.

Soil and More Intl. and Progreso have agreed on a joint fundraising approach to acquire the funds to intensify the work with above mentioned organisations and to upscale further into the Progreso network.

The Save our Soils Fund will play a significant role in this endeavor – you can support this project by donating on this website or by contacting us.

Soil and More Intl. and Progreso will also jointly approach the business partners of said cooperatives and request support for this important initiative.