Soil and More Posted June 25, 2015


Soil and More Intl. has been travelling the world for the last 7 years with the mission to help farmers increase their soil fertility in a pragmatic and robust way.

With hundreds of projects on all continents and in all farming systems and crops – Soil & More Intl. has gathered a vast amount of data, experience and best practice ideas.
Unfortunately, this information is currently not in a format in which it is accessible to the broader public and in particular to farmers worldwide.

Soil and More Intl. has therefore agreed – when joining the Save Our Soils Fund – to take on the task of doing exactly that. The goal is to create an accessible database where farmers and other interested parties can find:

  • Pragmatic & robust advice on how to produce compost and compost tea with materials available on farm
  • Best practices and examples from all over the world
  • Ideas and guidance as to compost & compost tea application
  • Soil fertility assessment guides, plant requirements and case studies for targeted, organic fertilization
  • Composting manuals in different languages
  • And many other things that will help us Save our Soils

You can support the work by donating on this website or by contacting us.
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