Slash & Mulch in semi-arid West Africa

Slash & Mulch and how it attracts termites which help to loosen the soil, especially crusted soils to rebuild organic matter.
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Composting rice straw in Southeast Asia

Instead of dumping the abundant rice straw in the Irrawaddy Delta farmers compost it together with fresh leaves (banana trunk, water hyacinths, leaves) in a simple way. Doing this, they safe money for fertilizers which cannot even build-up organic matter in the soil.
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Fertilizer trees in Southeast Africa

Farmers in Malawi are growing nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs to improve soil fertility and food productivity especially on degraded land.
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Traditional fallows in arid South America

In the arid highlands of the Bolivian Andes farmers prepare long-term fallows for resilient farming. 3-12 months before the 2-month rainy season they build manure piles brought from grazing areas and cut tall shrubs to cover the piles. When the rainy season starts they spread the manure and till it into the soil. Afterwards they cover it with straw from a local grass against drying-out and erosion. Six months later crops, preferably potato, can be planted on a comparably fertile soil.
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